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Instant remote computer support RIGHT NOW !!


Need PC support Right Now and can't wait?


We can take over your PC and fix it, right now, in real time, while you watch!


Not everything can be fixed like this, but much can. Call and see if this offering is right for you, RIGHT NOW!


RUNNING our secure remote support application on your PC allows us full remote control of your PC.

You can turn off remote access at anytime and, once we're disconnected, the application will remove itself from your machine.



For Instant, Web Based, Remote PC Support
click on the image below!




  1. Call us* to ensure we are available right when you need us.
  2. Click the above image to start your remote support session.
  3. Chose to RUN the download if your computer lets you!
    If you cannot just RUN the program then you will have to:
    a. SAVE it first on your PC then
    b. Run it from there
  4. Answer Yes [or OK] to any security questions!

* 888-Tech-1-NY -=- 888-832-4169






Contact us and let us tell you how we can help you.

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