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Back-up all your computers, over the Internet, to our safe and secure off-site data centers

Use the same data protection techniques Fortune 500 rely on to safeguard your data
Set it up once, and rest easy... Your files are safe!

Tech Lab 2020 features secure, highly customizable off-site data backup. Protect your documents, email, and the rest of your important files. You'll rest easy with our data storage, data access and data sharing solutions for consumers and businesses to backup and retrieve your files over the web.


And... Basic protection is only $5/month!
Download and install our Off-Site backup program here.


Basic Internet backup services include:

  • Schedule transfers for any future date, time.
  • Automatic and continuous backups of all updated or changed files, without user intervention.
  • Data is stored behind multiple levels of security at the data center.
  • Backups are sent securely over the Internet with 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Scalable Data-store size options.
  • Monthly and yearly plans.
  • You will not see any annoying advertisement banners or receive any un-solicited E-Mails.


Contact us for premium features, including:

  • Sub-accounts for collaborative data storage & access.
  • Access and quota control.
  • Personalized setup to guarantee additional data security.
  • Fast drag-n-drop, encryption, compression and incremental options.
  • A secure, highly customizable data storage, access and data sharing solution for consumers and businesses with several possible interfaces and options to backup/retrieve and manipulate your data on the web.
  • Both browser based and downloadable applications for Windows, Unix and Mac platforms.
  • Many customizable options including group accounts.


Contact us to sign up for your backup service subscription. Discounts available for multi-year purchases. (Can be transferred to a new PC.)


NOTE: "Workgroup Backups" plans are available for businesses where multiple users/PCs will need to back up or restore common data.


Contact us to Tech Lab 2020 set up your personalized backup strategies (such as added levels of encryption to protect your data, or whole disk backups) customized just for you.

Contact us and let us tell you how we can help you.

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